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About The Yale Medicine Thesis Digital Library

Starting with the School of Medicine graduating class of 2002, the Medical Library and Office of Student Research have begun a collaboration to electronically publish the full text of student MD theses on the Internet as a valuable byproduct of student research efforts and original source material to researchers throughout the world. Since 2006, all graduating medical students participate and are given the option to make their thesis publicly accessible immediately, after a delay to allow for journal publication, or accessible on the Yale campus only in perpetuity. More than 75% of the MD theses eventually become part of the publicly accessible collection.

Beginning in 2011, medical students initially deposited their MD thesis into a Proquest/UMI repository. The 2011 MD theses are currently only available in the Dissertations & Theses - Full Text Database available at Yale. Eventually, those 2011 theses will also be re-deposited into YMTDL.

All MD/PhD dissertations completed at Yale are also available in the Dissertations & Theses - Full Text Database.

This collection contains 441 documents collected by the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library as part of its services to patrons.

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